About us

Love for vegetables.

Do you know our legend?

Inspired by a story of discoveries and journeys, and deeply rooted in a love for the earth, Botànic offers a sensual and seductive experience that will change your perception of healthy food.

The creative concept of Botànic originates from a fictional legend, showcasing the love of an 19th-century Mallorcan sailor for the gastronomic culture of Mediterranean countries.

A passion that he transmitted to his blind son upon his return from each of his voyages through the aroma and scents of the spices he brought from overseas.

With these spices, he seasoned the exquisite products from his garden, while recounting thrilling stories filled with gustatory images.

After years of exploration, Miquel Salas, as the sailor was named, decided to stop traveling to spend more time with his family.

However, he maintained his fascination for spices by creating his own Botanic Garden, which he loved exploring alongside his son, explaining how each seasoning was the ingredient of a true love story.

And so, Botànic was born in a garden in the heart of Palma.



The success of Plant Forward cuisine lies in making vegetables the protagonists of the dishes, without giving up on high-quality fish and meats.

A seductive proposition

The art of seduction has arrived in the world of vegetable cuisine with Botànic.

With local produce sourced from nearby, al dente cooking techniques, alluring combinations, and explosive textures, every bite invites you to discover playful and vibrant sensations.


Discover our chef Andrés Benítez in his adventure of making haute cuisine with vegetables.

Andrés Benítez

Executive Chef

Andrés Benítez

Hailing from the Michelin universe, Andrés Benítez has successfully established one of the current trends in Palma de Mallorca, Plant Forward, which promises to rise and stay. Learn more about Andrés.